Used generator sets

Used generator sets

Generators are power generating equipment. They have many different uses and therefore each and everyone in need of a generator has their specific idea in mind of what they want. We therefore have a variety of used generators sets for you to choose from that are guaranteed to fulfil your needs. Some of the things to consider when looking for used generator sets are, the brand, its power, rpm and the type. Once you know what you are in the market for it becomes easier for you to choose the generator that will perfectly fit your task.

Used generator sets

About us

We are a well-established store and one of the largest and diverse generator sellers in the world. We are mainly dealers in used generators. They can be classified into industrial and marine. Our diverse collection consists of products from the top manufacturers and brand such as MAK, MWM, Caterpillar, Volvo Penta, Scania, Deutz among others therefore ensuring quality used machinery. We have a high reputation of selling quality machinery since we pride ourselves in quality and maintaining customer relations. Our technical team is experienced to ensure they get the best product in the market and you also get the best equipment that is most suitable for your required task. We can also customize the machinery to your liking and preferences. Some of the options you can choose to filter our collection are by using the brand, rpm or the power range. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us when in need of use generators.

We also buy used equipment at competitive prices and therefore if you have an equipment that is in good conditions do not hesitate to contact us so that our team of experts can come and examine the equipment for you to get a fair market price.

Used city buses

used city buses

Buses are usually representable products that every person would like to use. They present the best work by making it easier for individuals to travel from one place to another. Used city buses can be of great leverage to you and they can be operated by institutions like schools, hospitals, and churches to carry out some institutional activities involving transport. When the buses are handled in the right manner, including taking them for routine maintenance and servicing as required, then it means that it will give you the long-term benefit you need.

Used city buses

City buses are crucial when it comes to some activities in the cities depending on the quality of the bus. It does not matter whether it has served for many years or not. The quality of the bus depends on the engine condition and the materials used to make the bus. However, the best way to know how to deal with the used buses in the city is by having a chat with our qualified salespeople to help you get the best city bus that will suit you for commercial purposes. Used city buses come with numerous advantages, including cheap to acquired compared to new city buses, and they have been tested and proven to deliver to the expectations.
A bus is usually a large vehicle with a long body, and it is generally equipped with seats for the passengers. Used bases have undergone routine maintenance and have proven themselves in the city and suit personal or commercial use.

used city buses

Experience with the used buses

A better experience with the city buses is from the Womy Equipment Supply B.V, where the used city buses have become a core business to connect our customers with the best product. Therefore, Womy has gained vast experience while preparing and modifying the city buses according to the desired needs of any customer. Thus, Womy provides the best work by giving you the best quality buses that are proper services to offer you long-term services and reliability. Womy Equipment Supply will guarantee your comfort while using city buses as a passenger and guarantee its fastness.

Saving your pet with CPR

Can you perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on your dog or cat? This is every pet parent’s nightmare: to be in a frozen moment where you would need to save your pet’s life with CPR. As they say, it never hurts to be prepared. Learning pet CPR is just like training on adult and child CPR with the only difference in techniques attributing to the shape of the animal’s chest – and mouth, of course. 

Without much ado, let’s first knowwhen to administer and not administer CPR. 

Well, cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a procedure primarily designed to restart the heart and lungs. Therefore, your pet only qualifies for CPR if they have no pulse and they’re not breathing. To confirm these two criteria,

  1. Check for visible signs of rising and falling of your pet’s chest. As you do this, take a good peek at their gums. Bluish, gray, pale, or white gums indicate poor circulation of oxygen. Also, the pupils tend to dilate when your pet suffers cardiovascular distress.
  2. Feel the femoral artery on the inside of the hind leg to find a pulse. Alternatively, you can feel their heartbeat, if there’s one, behind the left elbow of the front leg. 

If your pet is unresponsive, that is, he is not breathing and has no pulse, then you can proceed to administer chest compressions. Otherwise, you risk injuring your pet. 

Start chest compressions. 

Gently lay your dog or cat on its right side and place your hand over the ribs, right where the elbow touches the chest. Intertwine your fingers, palm down, and begin compressions. I can hardly stress this enough, do not give compressions if you feel a pulse.

Take care not to injure your pet by pressing too hard. If your pet is below 30 pounds, half-to-one-inch compression is enough but if they are above 30 pounds, go up to 3inches. Give 30 compressions and make sure the chest recoils before the next compression. However, if you panic and can’t recall, our vetsend veterinarians are just a call away to guide you through the procedure. 

Give rescue breaths

For medium to large dogs, gently close their mouth and cover their nose with your mouth. Blow in the air until you see the chest rising. For smaller dogs and cats, cover their nose and mouth with your mouth. Do it twice.

Continue CPR

After each cycle, check for a pulse and breathing – if still unresponsive, repeat CPR until you get professional help. 

Why pasajes aéreos baratos?

Pasajes aereos baratos

Many people wonder why you should fly with Pasajes aéreos baratos, today I will explain to you what they have got to offer. For example, you would love to visit Peru, right? Then it is good to think about all the beautiful destinations Peru has to offer. So based on this, many wonder what day of the week the flights are the cheapest. Well, here they can help you with, and also give you tips that you can keep in mind. Of Course the cheapest days are the days most people do not want to travel to a different country. But this also depends on the time of the year. That is why it is hard to say exactly when it’s the cheapest to fly.

The destinations

The most beautiful destinations that you cannot miss when visiting peru are the following. When traveling with pasajes aéreos baratos you should make an archaeological and unforgettable visit to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. These are some really beautiful tourist attractions that you do not want to miss. You can also enjoy water activities in the majestic Lake Titicaca. But that is not all, you can also meet the sea lions of the Palomino Islands! There honestly are almost endless possibilities.

Brinell hardness tester

Brinell hardness tester

Hardness is one of the characteristics of a material, but it is not a fundamental physical property. Hardness can be defined as the degree of resistance to indentation. It can be determined by taking the measurement of the permanent depth of indentation.

What is The Tester Used For?

The Brinell hardness tester is mainly used by experts to test materials with structures that are quite coarse or with too rough surfaces that cannot be tested using other methods. This method is normally used as a high test load.

Brinell hardness tester

What we can help you

If you are looking for the best team that you can count on, then you have come to the right place. As a team, we will supply you with the best Brinell hardness tester to enhance your user experience. If you have any questions regarding our products and services, talk to our dedicated agents, and you will be assisted.

Why Choose Us

It is important to work with a company that listens and ensures that all your specifications are met. The primary reason you should choose our services is that we have a long history of working with a wide range of clients, listening to their needs, and doing our best to ensure that they are satisfied.

What We Charge

The reason for our existence is to solve the problems faced by customers in the industry. Though we provide premium services, we still charge some of the most competitive rates in the entire industry. Take a tour of our website to learn more about us a company.

Round outdoor daybed


For the period of the summer, nothing beats the joy of slumbering outdoors with an enjoyable drink. A round outdoor daybed makes an inordinate addition to any garden patio making it an unadulterated place to unwind your stress. If you have been looking for the quality outdoor daybed without success then you have landed to a perfect site. Dutch Riviera offers an amazing outdoor daybed for every budget. Regardless of the size, shape, weight, etc. Duch Riviera has a wide array of some of the same outdoor daybed you might never find in any other place. These outdoor daybed have been designed to fit every taste so worry no more as everything has been made for you.
And since we understand the weather changes, this outdoor daybed has been designed with materials that resist some weather elements, so long service with utmost comfort is guaranteed.

Features outdoor daybed

Round outdoor daybed offered by Dutch Rivièra is contemporary and is of the utmost quality. With thick contented pillows, an enormous sheathable cover and adequate space, you will never think of getting out of it but to continue enjoying the breeze. These outdoor daybed outdoor are worth investing in.
Call us at +31 40-7820194 for any inquiry.

round outdoor daybed

Software for surf schools

Brief History
Surfing is evolving to become an independent entity. An entity that will have forgotten about the scheduling worries and struggles of both the customers and staff. This will be possible due to ongoing technological advancements that are solving most of the challenges that surf schools have faced for a long time.

Many surf schools tend to face more or less the same problems. Being constantly overbooked causes a lot of problems for schools during the peak season. Wasting time on manual tasks Problems that come from the planning process An outdated booking process.

Viking’s surf school booking software understands these problems and aims to make them a thing of the past. We take advantage of existing technologies to provide a better way of doing the same old things efficiently. This in turn ensures the smooth running of your surf school.

Features of the Viking Booking Software

It improves how an organization functions both internally and with the way it interacts with its clients. Here are some of the revolutionary features that have made work easier:

  • Allowance to make a personal account, Book, Pay, and Schedule every surf lesson online.
  • During bad weather conditions, it allows reservations to be canceled with just a push of a button while offering you alternative dates.
  • Allows instructors to see their lessons from their secure login page.
  • Offers a clear overview and a clear communication channel between the instructors and the students Offers freedom to instructors to work from wherever they want

Benefits of using the System

These are some of the positive changes that surf schools have experienced when using Viking’s surf school Booking system as their system of choice:

  • Increased booking as the booking is now 24/7.
  • Saves a lot of time and streamlines the business. This allows for better preparation of classes
  • Increased Revenue
  • Creates trust between Clients and the Surf Schools
  • The software comes with helpful Online support that will provide Online training to get started. This is coupled with exciting features like Personal onboarding, a knowledge base, and fast email support.
  • It is a custom system that can be tailored to specific needs.
  • Creates Job satisfaction as instructors will be happier because of the freedom that comes with the software.

Using Viking booking software makes life easier. It eliminates the manual booking process and lets you concentrate on lessons. It makes your employees happier because of the comfort and convenience that Viking booking software brings.

Square Garden Daybed

square garden daybed

Lounge in comfort as you enjoy some sun with a stylish square garden daybed. Gardens elude peace and serenity that you can savor while on these beds. Besides the coziness, they make your patio or garden space elegant and classy.

When it comes to buying a square garden daybed, you should consider the material. Especially since they will be outside all year round. Dutch Riviera meets your needs with incredible, super-comfy and quality daybeds.

square garden daybed

Outdoor daybeds for sale

 Here is the trendy and must-have daybed collection for your garden. It is a nice weekend nap-away spot with your spouse .

Seat daybeds

Latest in the collection with a touch of luxury. Thanks to its adjustable steel frame. The white cushions make it a cozy spot. Grab a book as you relax. It is splendid for a sun-soaked garden.

These products portray elegance, class and luxury that your outdoor space needs. These garden daybeds with cosy cushions are a perfect spot to unwind in the afternoon sun. Besides, their products are affordable and delivery is on time. You can customize your orders too, in case you want hand-made covers. Don’t miss out.

Want to learn more? View website!

Insurance Focus

So you probably have a decently big warehouse inventory, good! But when you have such a big inventory it’s not a bad choice to get insurance on the products and boxes in the warehouse. It would be a shame if an accident happened, and some of the products in the warehouse would be damaged, don’t you think? If at this point in time you do not have warehouse insurance, you probably have to pay for the damaged goods yourself. This would not be good for business. So I recommend you to view website; for the best warehouse insurence on the market today!

You can also read the text down below to learn more about this subject

View website to get to know more about warehouse inventory insurance and what it could mean for you. It is good to know what a warehouse inventory insurance is and what goods are and are not covered by it. So I am happy to explain to you what it is. Inventory insurance ensures the damage that has been caused to your business will get covered. For example, theft, storm or fire damage. Or the damage that has been done to your warehouse inventory, like cars, machines, equipment and office furniture. In fact, all goods present in the premises where you are located as an entrepreneur and which you need to carry out your work. These are one of the many reasons to get good warehouse inventory insurance for your warehouse.

How to Hold and Throw a Dart in Dart Game?

Learning the overall body position of throwing the dart is basic for playing the game of dart. Without holding it properly, you may have difficulty hitting the target on your dartboard. There are several ways to hold or grip the dart. You need to know the ways along with the basic details on how the dart should be positioned and released. 

Grip Dart Gently  

The wrong steps usually taken by the beginners are usually about holding the dart too tight. However, you need to remember that you should not press on it and hold it tightly. 

Throw Dart Lightly

Another mistake often done by the beginners include throwing the dart too hard. Remember, you need to use smooth motion while throwing the dart. The use of a soft tip dartboard makes it easier to relax your throw. If you have steel tip darts, you need to stay aware of the strength you are using for a throw, as it can break the board. Overall, you need to avoid using a lot of strength to throw.

Position Dart Tip Properly

Another basic concept for a successful throw is to position the dart tip appropriately before throwing. The right technique to position the dart point involves the theory of mathematics and physics. The theory is of the parabolic curve, which says that you can reveal a curve while properly analysing an apparently straight line. It can be applied to any object thrown in the air. According to the theory, you need to make sure that the dart is in the upward direction when you grip and throw. 

Choose from Ways to Hold Dart

As you know, there are several ways to hold your dart, you need to know all of them to decide the suitable one for you. Three-finger dart grip is a way that uses thumb, index and middle finger. Four finger dart grip is another that uses thumb, index, middle and ring fingers. You can also choose the five finger dart grip you feel comfortable with it. 

Considering these factors, you can practice the right dart grip.