How to Hold and Throw a Dart in Dart Game?

Learning the overall body position of throwing the dart is basic for playing the game of dart. Without holding it properly, you may have difficulty hitting the target on your dartboard. There are several ways to hold or grip the dart. You need to know the ways along with the basic details on how the dart should be positioned and released. 

Grip Dart Gently  

The wrong steps usually taken by the beginners are usually about holding the dart too tight. However, you need to remember that you should not press on it and hold it tightly. 

Throw Dart Lightly

Another mistake often done by the beginners include throwing the dart too hard. Remember, you need to use smooth motion while throwing the dart. The use of a soft tip dartboard makes it easier to relax your throw. If you have steel tip darts, you need to stay aware of the strength you are using for a throw, as it can break the board. Overall, you need to avoid using a lot of strength to throw.

Position Dart Tip Properly

Another basic concept for a successful throw is to position the dart tip appropriately before throwing. The right technique to position the dart point involves the theory of mathematics and physics. The theory is of the parabolic curve, which says that you can reveal a curve while properly analysing an apparently straight line. It can be applied to any object thrown in the air. According to the theory, you need to make sure that the dart is in the upward direction when you grip and throw. 

Choose from Ways to Hold Dart

As you know, there are several ways to hold your dart, you need to know all of them to decide the suitable one for you. Three-finger dart grip is a way that uses thumb, index and middle finger. Four finger dart grip is another that uses thumb, index, middle and ring fingers. You can also choose the five finger dart grip you feel comfortable with it. 

Considering these factors, you can practice the right dart grip.